Wagon West Beds
The Beds
Original Wagon West Beds are functional art, and will be the perfect centerpiece to your bedroom. Read on to discover how our beds are made, and about the materials, components, craftsmanship, and skill that goes into each one.

The concept

SOLD! The Buckeye Bed. The wagon came from the Buckeye Ranch in Vacaville, California.
Our unique concept is to hand craft each bed from a real working wagon! Your bed will be an actual part of history.

These forgotten treasures will have a "Rebirth", their history and spirit brought back to life to be enjoyed for generations to come.
The back of The Buckeye Bed.
Our beds are functional as well as beautiful.

The back of this bed has a cabinet which opens up showing a wine rack, gun cabinet and storage closet.

There is a buckboard seat on top which could be used to display books, a plant, candles, or anything you wish.

The Designer Touch

Bed Spread $2500.00
Made from 100 Cheetah dyed rabbit skins, backed with a carmel colored quilt.
Pillows $250.00 ea
Hair-on calf, backed with lamb suede.
Buffalo Hide $1,045.00
Steer Hide $225.00-$295.00
Rooster not included.


photo of man with tools
Traditional craftsmanship with a blend of old and new technology.
The wagon pieces are planed and shaped out of the beams of 70-100 year old barn wood. Each piece of wood is selected to become a queen or a King size bed. These fir beams, when planed to the heart, begin to reveal their beautiful golden hue. This only happens with aged wood. The bed is designed to roll away from the wall revealing a storage compartment featuring a linen closet, gun rack and wine holder. Mike, or "MH" as most Sonomans call him, then adds the finishing touches; a couple of antique lanterns and a buckboard. His signature piece is an old rusted cowboy that adorns the headboard. He then spends many hours waxing and buffing until the finish is smooth to the touch. Each bed may take up to 450-500 hours to complete.

Materials and Components

Mike disassembles the wagon using all of the old original metal parts, such as hand forged steel brackets, the brake handle, even the square nuts and bolts. The undercarriage has a center pin that holds the front axle together. He then recreates the original wooden pieces out of fir planed from the beams of a 70 year old barn, elongating the wooden pieces into a queen or king size bed.

The wood finish is an environmentally safe "Natural English Wax" buffed to a high sheen.


Mike uses the original hubs, metal tires and axles, but on most wagons the spokes and rims need to be rebuilt in oak the original way.

Master wheelwright Neil Shepard of Glenn Ellen is a quiet sort of guy whose hands do his talking for him. The tools he uses today are made from the same patents as years ago.

The wooden spokes are made from oak wood. The egg shaped spokes fit into the hub and also into the wooden rim of the wheel, whose circumference must be 3/16 inch smaller than the circumference of the metal tire. The metal tire is heated to 800 degrees causing it to expand. It is then placed around the assembled wheel's wooden rim, spokes and hub. Cool water is poured over the rim to shrink it down to fit snug over the rim.


The prices of the beds range from $20,000.00 to $25,000.00 This does not include shipping. The mattress' are priced separately.


You can optionally order a Tempur-pedic. The beds frames take standard mattress which allows you to choose your favorite brand of mattress. Beds come in both Queen and King sizes.

Size and prices of the Tempur-pedic mattress available:
CA KING72"x84"$1999$2399$2899

Mike recommends the 10" Queen or King