Wagon West Beds
The SF-1906
This wagon originated in San Francisco, where it was thought to have been used to rebuild the city after the earthquake.

It ended up on a ranch on Old Sonoma Rd in Napa, California.
Ranch owner Bob Brown ran into Mike at the "Bull and Gelding Sale" in Red Bluff, California.

After seeing Mike's talents with "The Buckeye" bed, Bob suggested he come and take a look at what ended up in his back '40'
There it was, perched along side of his pasture fence.

It had lain in a nearly rotted and rusted heap of twisted metal for 50 years.
On the left side of the front steering gear was a brass license plate barely hanging on with one rusty nail.

It had been registered in San Francisco for $2.50 in 1906 #15320.

In the showroom

The wheels came off a wagon made by Studebaker.